Misfit Training Center

Helping People and Horses Have Better Relationships

A stubborn horse walks behind you, an impatient horse walks in front of you, but a noble companion walks beside you.

Misfit Training Center

Misfit Training Center is a place where horses are revered as  friends and companions for which there is no comparison.   Here we welcome everyone from the small child just learning how to interact with horses, the person who has had a bad experience but still loves horses, the person who always wanted to be around horses but never had the opportunity, and the seasoned rider who needs a place to stable their friend.

We offer services tailored to your needs and will help you build a bond of trust with your horse.  If you are not a horse owner, but wish to be or just wish to spend time interacting with horses we would be delighted to help you achieve your goals. It is our passion to spend time working with horses and people who desire to grow their horse experiences. Our success is measured in the smiles we bring to those we are able to help, after all…“Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter, it glistens in the sun and neighs in the dark”

Misfit Training Center

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Hershy– A Horse With the Most Beautiful Soul and a Heart of Gold

Hershy is a horse who was labeled people aggressive, horse aggressive, supposedly had a terrible work ethic, and an all around nasty horse. His story is one that amazes me. I try to avoid the sale barn on Wednesdays because I can’t help trying to save good horses from slaughter, and Wednesday is horse day. This particular day I was forced by 3 different events, 2 of them I had put off to Thursday, but the 3rd I could not put off and had to be at the sale barn, and of coarse I had to check the horses. There were several there that day and me heart sank when I saw this majestic 17 hand dark bay horse standing in the pen. He was horribly thin, but had a kindness to him that I could see right away. I watched the sale and he ended up not only purchased by the slaughter man, but on the direct run truck. That meant his fate was sealed and he was on his way to Canada to be slaughtered. I spoke to the man who purchased him. I had Hershy and a yearling colt removed from the slaughter truck by giving him additional money over what he paid. When I brought Hershy home I evaluated him to see what he knew and tears of joy ran down my face, literally. Everyone in the arena stopped and watched because he was so graceful and his movement was mesmerizing. He knew dressage! Another dream come true for me. I took him to another trainer who once again labeled him, this time the label was “dangerous.” I had taken him for the trainer to evaluate his level of dressage, because I was not yet well versed in dressage and the horse obviously knew more than me. I was disappointed about the label to say the least. I knew this was not true and worked with Hershy more and figured out he had some issues. He had been raced, jumped and used for dressage by people who “use” horses, and not care for them properly. After a couple of weeks and much effort I found that Hershy had a stifle issue and a front lameness that had gone untreated and wan still not healed. I addressed the issues with Countryside Large Animal Hospital. We decided to do a relatively easy surgery for the stifle and then I worked him in therapy. The other surgery was more complex and more time off. He is now moving free and it has made a world of difference! During the time I first had him he did have some small issues, but I never once saw all of the things he was labeled. He tried to do what he was ask, but he was in severe pain and had learned to anticipate that pain when he moved certain ways. He was trying to do as he was ask full well knowing it would hurt! This horse was starved, which was seen as people and horse aggression, in pretty severe pain, which labeled him as dangerous., because he did not move as ask and instead shifted his weight trying to avoid the pain. This was a mistake and lack of attention by the people who interacted with him. The day I rescued Hershy I saw a heart of gold and one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. Hershy is a permanent fixture at Misfit Training Center and anyone who has met him can see his regal beauty. Hershy is now jumping at 4’3” with consistency .  This is not a mean, rude or disrespectful horse. This is my friend with a heart of gold.

Hershy is a blessing to me and I will forever feel blessed for the day I was forced to that sale barn.